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Description (Each Book Comes with a signature.)

Helping Other People Evolve

Life is presented to all of us as a game that we must engage. It is up to you whether the wins and the losses define you or dictate your emotional state of (mental) well-being.

Helping in any way that I can has always intrigued and inspired me to study sociology in college. I have always taken interest in the ways that Other folks respond to stress or bounce back from hardships. I maintain a genuine hope in the resilience of all People to shift when life demands it, even if we don't like it or wish to abide by it.

This book is my honest account of the moments offering me the inspiration to Evolve; and I believe there are nuggets of wisdom to be discovered in the pages to come. Know the mental grind is real and that there may be a tsunami of mental illness cases to come in the very near future if we do not rapidly disseminate HOPE.

Brandarius Johnson